Puppy Biting

Puppy BitingAlthough appearing fun at first, puppy biting can quickly turn into a major problem for dog owners.  These types of problems can escalate over time if not corrected. There are several techniques you can use to stop puppy biting. I have listed here the top ways to stop biting with step by step directions.

The best method you can use is the yelping technique!

  • Step 1:  Make a “yelp” sound right as your puppy is biting you.

Learning how to make the “yelp” sound:
Make sure your puppy is not within an audible range and turn your sound down relatively low. Click here to hear the noise that you must try to match > Dog Yelp Noise. The closer you can get to this sound and the higher you can make the pitch the more effective it will be.

The best way to train a puppy to stop biting is by using their own instinct to your advantage.  Using the “yelping” technique is the most natural and effective training method you can use to teach bite inhibition.  The best part about this is that when they hear this noise, they already know what it means!  In their litter, when one of the puppies would bite their mother, she would react with a loud “yelp” right away.  If they continue to bite her, she storms off.  Mimicking this method is the most efficient way to cease this habit.

  • Step 2:  Stand up and turn your back towards them.
  • Step 3: Continue playing with them once they are calm.

This is how to use positive reinforcement to get them to associate the act of not biting with a reward.   Repeat this same exercise when they bite again.  It is perfectly normal for them to test their boundaries.  Each time you go through this exercise they learn how to better control their degree of biting.  Normally, their bites will start out pretty hard and gradually lessen in intensity.  If you keep up with this training technique they will stop altogether.

  • Step 4 (optional):  If your puppy isn’t lessening the degree of their bite with each training session, you should add an additional step.  After you stand up and turn your back towards them, you should walk away.  If you have to, walk into another room and close the door.  Ultimately, this is the worst thing that could happen in their eyes.  The concept you are teaching is that if they bite too hard they lose their playmate.


Other Techniques You Can Try:

The 2nd best method to use is the redirection method.

As soon as your puppy bites you, you must simultaneously give them a firm, “No!” and quickly replace what was being bitten with one of their favorite toys.  When they start biting/chewing the toy, give them a lot of praise.

Unless you are super consistent with your tones, it is hard for a dog to understand what you mean with just a word.  What makes this method work is adding the redirection to the toy after saying “No.”


The 3rd best method is to use an unpleasant noise in conjunction with a behavior you want to stop.

First, put metal objects, such as coins or nails, into a jar or can.  Shake the container right as they are biting.  The noise will not be pleasant and it should stop their behavior instantly.  They will soon assume that if they bite, they will hear an unpleasant noise.  Eventually, they won’t even consider biting.


Important Rules to Remember When You Are Teaching a Puppy to Not Bite:

Never use hitting, slapping, or yelling as a punishment.

The most important rule is that you should always reward good behavior and discourage poor behavior.  Always use positive reinforcement!

When beginning to train it may be best to stop playing rough games like tug-of-war.

Consistency is everything.  All members of the family and friends need to let the puppy know that it is not acceptable to do to any human.


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